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This November’s election is extremely important to the future of Academy School District 20 (ASD20), as three of the five seats on the Board of Education will be decided upon by the voters in the district. The Board of Education needs people who truly understand ASD20, appreciate why we have children enrolled in the district, and possess the requisite experience to perpetuate and continually enhance the performance of this outstanding school district.

Five Reasons to Vote for Will

1. As the parent of five children who have attended or currently attend ASD20 schools for the past 23 consecutive years, I care deeply about the quality of education that all of our children receive and will listen to the concerns of parents.
2. ASD20 is the highest-performing large school district in Colorado. As a member of the Board of Education, I would effectively work with administration to maintain and continually enhance the district’s performance.
3. An effective member of the Board of Education must have prior board and leadership experience. I have extensive board leadership experience at the local, state and national level and I’ve served our business and education community for over 20 years.
4. Knowledge of the depth, complexity and breadth of ASD is essential for a member of the Board of Education. For the past several years, I’ve served in multiple volunteer roles at the school and district levels, have knowledge of every school in ASD20, and have developed constructive working relationships with teachers and administrators.
5. With a background in business, higher education and workforce development in the region, I see and understand the practical worth of the educational experience that ASD20 provides our children.


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